Your wishes have been answered ... cozy sweater season is almost upon us! The leaves starting to change and the air turning crisp makes you want to curl up in the comfiest outfit you can think of. This fall don't take comfort over looking good. You can be both all at once with the perfect sweater! Consider this your guide on which sweaters are worth the purchase this fall and winter.


The Perfect Basic

When choosing your perfect basic you need to think about some of your personal preferences. My top one is material. What something is made of can change the way it feels on your skin or the way the fabric lays. The something feels is so important when finding the perfect, comfy sweater. I love it when my sweater are soft and a little oversized, but your perfect basic might vary from mine.




Bolder the Better

In my opinion the bolder the better! I love bright colors throughout the fall and winter seasons. They add a sense of excitement to any outfit. It's a fun way to stand out while still feeling cozy. Whether you love bold prints or bright colors a unique sweater is the way to go for the upcoming fall season! 

# Trending

Stay in trend this fall while rocking some super cute sweaters. One big trend this fall season is polo sweaters, especially the ones that have a zipper collar. Just in, stripes are here to stay. This forever classic is the perfect way to add a little spice while staying in your comfort zone. Another great trend to follow is a simple sweater dressed up with a fun saying. This can make any outfit more unique and in line with your personal style. 

September 09, 2023 — Iris Schweiger

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