Get to know Debbie

Get to know Debbie

Debbie (aka-Aunt Debbie, aka-Angie's Bestie) is a long term customer turned beloved friend.  She is always there when we need her most and is the most generous and loving support person in the world!  She is Demolition Company owner to chocolate chip cooking maker to occasional clothing boutique worker!!  Check out her Q&A below...

What is your favorite part of working at the Boutique? -

Debbie- It satisfies all of my core values. 1-safety, 2- connection, 3- curiousity


What are your favorite lines we carry at the Boutique?-

Debbie- Magnolia Pearl, Free People, Johnny Was, Nikibiki


What are your fashion tips or tricks-

Debbie- Always carry a scarf or a shawl , Bigger earrings make your butt look smaller, When in doubt...layer up


What is your favorite Fall trend?

Debbie- Combat boots with dresses


Tell us your 3 guilty pleasures-

Debbie- Liam Neeson, Chocolate, Don Julio Tequila


Favorite Zelie restaurant- 

Debbie- Della Terra






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