A Lesson in Summer-Fall Dressing

A Lesson in Summer-Fall Dressing

Summer to fall is always the most beautiful of season changes. Color florishes as the air turns cool and comfort slowly begins to creep into our hearts.  Transition dressing can be a very challenging time.  Not only because of the wonder of what is and is not appropriate but also because of the warm days and cold nights.  Layering is a wonderful thing, I promise!!  Let's talk it through.....

Let me begin  by saying white jeans are more than acceptable in the fall.  In fact I feel they are now a year round staple.  You can, and absolutely should wear your white jeans with suede and sweaters. (By the way, suede and sweaters are a must this fall and holiday season!).  Pair your white jeans with gorgeous fall neutrals and boots, as well as stunning jewel tones. Use floral print blouses and dresses under cozy cardigans for the perfect layering look. This fall is all about smart jackets and cozy sweaters so look for those florals and prints as the perfect layering foundations.  Soft pinks, rich metallic tones and olive neutrals are so yummy on every girl and they are strong contenders as we transition into cooler weather.

Look for the return of blanket scarves, faux fur and suede jackets. Lace and embroidery are strong accents keeping our jeans and accessories fun.  We preach comfort and will continue to bring you the softest jeans, yummy leggings, comfortable shoes and rich sweaters.  

This fall we will embrace tradition while we break all of the rules.  We look forward to getting to know your own personal comfort and style. 

Angie & Melanie 

July 21, 2017

Sunshine and Happiness

Nothing awakens the soul like the sights and sounds of summer approaching.  The upcoming months will bring joyous occasions like weddings and graduation parties, outdoor dinners with friends, concerts and vacations.  It is so important to focus on the happenings around us, truly live in the moment and hold onto precious memories.  Unfortunately we will all be faced with the dreaded question...... What do I wear? We want to make sure this hovering worry does not take away from your summer enjoyment!

Fashion has changed in so many ways.  It is no longer based around the young and skinny.  It is also no longer uncomfortable and miserable!  Summer dressing has never been so easy to do!  So many styles are easily dressed up and down with a change of shoes and accessories. Summer style now goes from sidewalk lunches to weddings and parties.  Melanie and I work very hard to bring effortless style to our customers and friends.  We know if you feel good you will look amazing!  

Please come in and share your summer social calendar with us!  There is nothing we love more than the look on a girl's face when she finds the perfect outfit!!


Angie & Melanie

May 09, 2017
New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Welcome to the launch of our website and our very first blog post!

This new venture is full of excitement in so many ways.  Our little store has grown and in April we will move into a new space with plenty of room to house all of our ideas and most importantly, SHOES!!  I am happy to announce my wonderful friend Melanie has become my store partner and the two of us are ready to bring so many fun events and fabulous fashion to our beautiful little town of Zelienople!  

It is our mission to inspire young girls and help them appreciate every facet of their beauty, to show their mothers that aging does not mean style and youthfulness are no longer words used to describe themselves and to show their grandmothers how to take todays fashion trends and make them work for all ages.  It is our dream to dress women of all ages and provide a shopping experience full of laughter and fun.

We hope you look to this blog for fashion advice and information on the latest looks for the season.  We thank you for your incredible support and can not wait to take on this adventure with you all.


Angie & Melanie

February 15, 2017