Get to know Sydney

Get to know Sydney

Employee Spotlight ....... Get to know Syd!!


Syd is a sophomore at WVU studying communications.  She began working at the Boutique this summer and we are so excited to have her! She loves to bake and of course loves shopping.  We did a little prying  during dinner and thought we would share more about Syd with all of you. See her Q&A below......


What do you like most about working at the Boutique?

Syd- I really love everyone I work with and I love helping people.


What are your favorite lines we carry?

Syd- Definitely Z Supply and Nikibiki 


What are some of your fashion tips and or tricks?

Syd- I love wearing wedges and platforms to add height since I am a little short.


What is your favorite upcoming Fall trend?

Syd- Flannels!!


Tell us 3 of your guilty pleasures.

Syd- Kardashiand, comfort food and TikToc


What is your favorite Zelie restaurant?

Syd- Burghers!!





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