Get to know Jessica

Get to know Jessica

Angie has known Jessica since she was a preschooler so we were very excited to add her to our team here at the Boutique!  Let's have a little chat to get to know her better!

Tell us all about yourself!-

Jessica- I have been lashing for 5 years and I am in the process of opening a lash salon on Main Street Zelie!  I spend a lot of time with girlfriends.  We love watching the Bachelor on Mondays while having a few drinks!


What are your favorite brands we carry at the Boutique?

Jessica- Z Supply & Nikibiki


Tell us a few fashion tips and tricks-

Jessica- Accessorize with jewelry!  Bring along and extra layer for the cold months coming up and always wear something you're comfortable in.


What fall trend are you most excited about?

Jessica- Sweaters and flannels, also Doc Martens


What are 3 of your guilty pleasures?

Jessica- My cat, candy and sweatpants


What is your favorite Zelie restaurant?  

Jessica- Burghers & Della Terra

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